The firm FRISCIRA FIREWORKS (Pirotecnica Jonica) is born in 1987 for work of the young entrepreneur CAV. Friscira Pierdaniele that has wanted to take back the activity of his grandfather, abandoned by his sons after the death of the old teacher nicknamed "Pietro U Gagga" and recognized in Puglia and in the neighboring regions as the most pyrotechnic experienced and qualified of the south of Italy.

Since the first shows he his immediately distinguished for the proposed news using technologies and more modern equipments, aware of the delicacy and dangerousness of the artifices, selecting the products to their affidability  and quality, and by to the presentation of new and suggestive effects.

Besides, in the last two years the firm has extended the ray of action, regaining the market of the religious fest, than before was monopolized by Neapolitan, and preparing importans show in the north also tapes by Rai.


The Friscira Fireworks sells fireworks of all the kinds

Importation of fireworks of Chinese production.